Porsche Boxster S PDK, Mid-engined Sports Car or the Back, with a Performance that Became the Benchmark Competitors

Who is not familiar with the Porsche? Exotic brand of origin Germany is popular with mid-engined sports car or the back, with a performance that became the benchmark competitors in its class.
This time, we tested one of the interesting Porsche, namely two passenger roadster 981 Boxster S (or commonly referred to with the Boxster S on).
On our test unit, mechanical berjantung sedan 3.6 litre boxer has already provided a myriad of optional features, and it seems to be too long if it mentioned one by one. But, we can mention the most important thing here is the Sport Chrono Package that controls PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) and transmission with PDK (Porsche Doppelkupplung/dual clutch).
Boxster is a pretty model get a place in the hearts of the fans, because this is an entry level Porsche Variant. Boxster also had become the biggest coffers gatherer for Porsche since it was introduced in 1996 and then, before his position was now moved by the Cayenne SUV.

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