The History About BMW

To know about the BMW, we should be more familiar with and know the history of BMW. Travel civilization today has resulted in BMW cars, which have a very special material. This privilege can be felt by the rider. BMW cars have the privilege untouched and very elegant treatment when driven. On the basis of a slogan that arise from them is "The ultimate driving machine". It is produced from the ties of relationship between a car with a driver, which they have achieved harmony with life's journey.
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Three letters of interest that is always present at BMW Bayerische Motoren is Wekre, or in English, Bavarian Motor Works. The word "motor" that berakronim between two articulations in the second language, is the key to the success of each production process of a BMW.

BMW to invite you as a rider to feel great about a walk with their product and you-you will find all the history of BMW in this writing.


The first was founded by Karl Friedrich Rapp in October 1913. No one knew that the BMW engine starts from aircraft fuel. Rapp founded the "Rapp-Motorenweke", where the business is one motorcycle factory in Munich, Germany. He started with an aircraft fuel efforts, but unfortunately he suffered pain and then his business closed. Then Rapp's Factory in the inheritance to his son, Gustav Otto, the business operates in the field of construction of small airfields. Otto enjoyed success with "Gustav Flugmaschinefabrik".


Rapp Motoren Werke had problems with the existence of the machines. They have a contract with Austro Daimler, where they can not meet demand V12 Aero engine development because it does not get the permit issuance (under license). Perusahaanya to expand too quickly, and in 1916 Karl Friedrich Rapp resigned from the company because of financial problems. Then Rapp Motoren Werke company was taken over by two people of Austria, Franz-Josef Popp and Max Fritz. They came from Vienna owned by financier Camillo Castiglioni. Rapp Motoren Werke They set convincingly, Gustav Otto's "Gustav Flugmaschinefabrik" merged with "Rapp-Motorenwerke". Then they changed the name of the company into Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke or BFW, Ingrisnya language is "Bavarian Aircraft Works." Later in the near future the company changed its name to BMW and in 1918 became BMW AG (AG in German it is Aktiengesellschaft, which means its shares traded in the stock market. This policy is used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, according to the American people if this company has become a "Public Company")


This is the year of the Olympic Games in Munich spring. Paul Bracq, manager of BMW design, produce creations for Turbo prototype. With a futuristic interior, nice exterior design to the door. The BMW car is powered by four cylinder engine, with a strength of 1990 cc engine producing 280 bhp.

BMW 5 Series introduced to the public for the first time ever. With the code name E12, the car was targeted for the American market, which allows a source of profit for the BMW. BMW 5 Series has two types of products: 520 and 520i sedans have four doors feature a four-cylinder engine.

BMW Motorsport was formed, initially a BMW program facility for racing, where it has been very successful in 1960 and 1970. The following year the BMW Motorsport car for the consumer to produce very good in the world.

The BMW set up a new plant in Africa.


At the auto show in Frankfurt, the BMW 2002 Turbo become one of the best turbo cars in the world.


In November 1990, BMW took out four models are: 316i, 318i, 320i, and 325i.


Diesel engines for the new BMW introduced and diperharui for BMW Series 5 and Series 3.


Introducing the new BMW E36 3 Series coupé, and issued three models: 318is, 320i and 325i.


BMW E36 3 Series get a new version of a convincing body and very neat.

Meanwhile, BMW 5 Series grows bigger and the 540i with the 530i ..


BMW E38 7 Series was introduced in August 1994, replacing the E32 position. Almost new 7 series models are introduced, use Automatic.


Z Series BMW four-cylinder engine is only getting smaller.

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With new, more compact design and the interior was so elegant, high enough price for the BMW 3 Series E46 it can be given willingly to circulate in the market. Although the price is so high.


BMW 3 Series E-46 was issued.

BMW X5 E53 SUV issued in Spartanburg, Sout Carolina

BMW introduced a success for the 507, called E52 BMW Z8. This car has the perfect combination of classic modern design on the market.

A BMW Z8 E52 was introduced to the world through the James Bond films, dengna title "The World Is Not Enough" at the end of 1999.


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