History Of helicopter

What is Helicopter?

A helicopter is an aircraft that lifted and driven by one or more rotors (propeller) large horizontal. Helicopters are classified as a rotating-wing aircraft to distinguish them from ordinary fixed-wing aircraft other. The word comes from the Greek helicopter helix (spiral) and pteron (wing). A helicopter operated by the machine invented by the inventor of Slovakia in January Bahyl.

Compared with other fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters more complex and more expensive to buy and operate, too slow, has a close distance and roaming charges are limited. While profits are movements; helicopters capable of flying in place, backed up, and take off and land vertically. Limited additional facilities and fuel load / high altitude, the helicopter can fly to any location, and land anywhere in the field of the rotor and a half in diameter. Called a helipad helipad.

 Actually, a helicopter trip into a form that is known at the time this takes quite a long period of time. This journey also involves the development of technology and also the inventor and developer helikoter.

The first helicopter flew the man is the Breguet-Richet helicopter, 1907. These helicopters flying in Douai, France on September 29, 1907. This helicopter is still getting help from four people who held the fourth leg. This effort did not get a good record as the first helicopter to fly free. Nevertheless, the helicopter was flying theories prove successful vertical while it is still considered a theory. This is the first machine that could fly by itself carry a pilot vertically as a result of wing lift swivel. This heli use the power of 50 hp Antoinette engine.

Helicopter flying really done by Paul Cutaneous use twin-engine helicopters Antoinette 24 hp at Lisieux, France on 13 November 1907. The flight lasted 20 seconds to a height of 0.3 meter. While the first Gyroplane Helicopter manifold achieved by C4 Autogiro Juan de la Cierva made. Autogiro first flew on January 9, 1923]]. The secret to success hinges on the adoption of a joint system of the flapping blades to the rotor head. While the helicopter which first flew successfully carried out by type of Fock Wulf FW-61 double berotor designed by Professor Heinrich Focke in the year 1933-1934. This helicopter made its inaugural flight on June 26, 1936 and engines powered by the Siemens-Halske Sh 14A-powered 160 hp. Heli was flown by Ewald Rohlfs. These helicopters fly as far as a record 122.35 km and long flown one hour 20 minutes 49 seconds. At other times he flew to a height of 3427 meters and a speed record 122 mph.


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