History Of Lexus Car Company (Traces Of Hard work)

Mercedes-Benz takes a century to build a reputation as the largest luxury carmaker in the world. Likewise, BMW, Cadillac, Jaguar and a luxury car brands others began building his reputation in the early 20th century.

Lexus only took a decade to climb to the level occupied by Mercedes-Benz and others that.

Lexus was phenomenal. Not just a shining sales figures, but also numerous awards from all corners of the boost his reputation. That's all the result of hard work to create quality products, supported by marketing strategies sniper and first class customer service.

The emergence of the Lexus can not be separated from the automotive business conditions at that time. Where the Japanese car producers felt it was time to get into the luxury car segment after successful mencipatkan quality mass production cars at competitive prices.

In fact, although the Japanese car brands famous for kehandalnya, but for incoming kelingkaran luxury car brands which are held by Germany, England and America, it is very difficult. To get around that obstacle, it was decided to prepare a new brand specifically for luxury car brands.

Lexus trip since the idea of listening to his name flying now coined, many historical milestones that unfortunately missed. Includes a stumbling block that must be passed.

Challenges Eiji Toyoda

August 1983, Toyota Chairman Eiji Toyoda, Toyota to make sure it was time to ascend to a higher level. In the super-secret meeting, attended by high-ranking Toyota officials-including the strategist and engineer, submitted a brief question, Can we create a luxury car to challenge the best? Answer vigorously not only that but the room echoes resonate in the mind of every person, these challenges must be overcome.

Autumn 1984; Project F1 starts. The letter F stands for flagship and most luxurious sedan one depicted. Chief Engineer Shoiji supported Jimbo and Ichiro Suzuki all general managers and engineers overseeing the development of all aspects of a car, ranging from the handling, braking, traction control, engine, electronics systems and corrosion.

In its development, Jimbo team conducted a study in the USA (May 1985). They met with the dealers in San Francisco, Houston, Miami, and New York to get an idea about the American consumer. Five members of the team sent to Laguna Beach, California to observe the lifestyle and incorporate design concepts to fit the luxury-car buyers in America. This team spent the summer in Southern California and worked with designers at Calty Design, Toyota's American design studios.

The first prototype unit 450 F1 was made in July 1985 successfully. This is the work of 60 designers, 24 engineering teams, engineers 1.400, 2.300 and 220 technicians supporting people. 11 months later the F1 prototype was tested on Autobahn, Germany. Ten months of extensive testing on the streets USA starting September 1986. This test produces improvements in handling and suspension. Also include an audio system and the long distance test. Tests in Sweden generate traction control improvements. F1 final design is approved, after eight failed presentation to management.

Sued the Lexus brand, the award came

January 1988, the Lexus brand and its logo was introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show. A month later his debut at the Chicago Auto Show, also without a car only images of actual car, an intriguing video show and a pinch of general information. This introduction was continued at Atlanta Auto Show and the New York Auto Show. The blue-presume, Lexis, a legal information network, filed a lawsuit against the use of a Lexus. April 1988 filed a lawsuit to court in New York. Lexus continues to be marked with the laying of road stone for the construction Lexus of Columbus in Ohio in August 1988.

November 1988, F1 prototype named the LS 400. LS mean luxury sedans and 400 showed 4.0-liter V8 engine. Smaller version named 250 ES. ES is an executive sedan with 2.5-liter engine. A month later the Lexus took Nakamichi and Pioneer sound system to produce the LS 400. January 1989; LS 400 and ES 250 to debut at Detroit Auto Show. A day later, the Lexus appeared on the Los Angeles Auto Show.

March 1989, the Court lawsuit stir Lexis and Lexus has the right to use that name. The success was greeted with the first units were produced from the factory Lexus LS 400 in Tahara, Japan in May 1989. In the first four months of sales, 2.919 1.216 units of the LS 400 and ES 250 units sold.

Lexus started a new tradition of customer service standards. Just because a customer complained about the cruise control and several complaints about the stop lamp, Lexus decided to recall LS400 sold 8000 units to be examined in December 1989. Dealers contact the customer personally and make improvements quickly. Instead of criticism, even compliments are obtained. Lexus has created a new standard in personal service.

January 1990, Car & Driver magazine put the LS 400 s in the position of the peak at 1990 New Car Buyer s Study. Since then, endless awards given at the Lexus. Among Best Imported Car of the Year from the Motoring Press Association (February 1990), Best Luxury from Motor Week's Drivers' Choice Awards. Peak, topped the Lexus in JD Power and Associates Initial Quality Study (July 1990). Award of J.D. Power is very prestigious to be subscribed Lexus for years.

May 1991, Lexus SC400 sports coupe launched. In design at Calty Design, California. Starting July Coupe is marketed. Followed by the launch of SC 300 in August and in September 1991menggantikan ES 300 ES 250. This year, Lexus became the biggest-selling imported luxury car in the USA. 71.206 units sold, more than Mercedes-Benz or BMW.

The threat of trade war

January 1993 Lexus introduced the GS 300 luxury sport sedan in Los Angeles and Detroit Auto Show. May 1995, a big threat comes from the U.S. Trade Representative Mickey Kantor will set a 100 percent import duty for certain Japanese luxury cars, including all Lexus models. The proposed new duty for workers in the 7500 Lexus threaten America. 11 hours of negotiations in June 1995 succeeded in reaching an agreement between the USA and Japan as well as an end to the potential trade war.

A month later the Lexus was elected again as the best in JD Power and Associates Customer Satisfaction Index for the sixth consecutive. No other brand can equal in the history of this research. Lexus sales in August 1995 to recover from the effects of the new duty plan.

January 1996; LX 450 was introduced and became the first Lexus SUV. Only in the two months immediately grab the top best-selling luxury SUV, the Range Rover shifts. September 1996; Lexus ES 300 introduces a new generation of cheaper, although there are additional features. Three months later, this model won the award Top Car Award from the American Automobile Association.

In February 1997 Lexus introduced the concept of Sport Luxury Vehicle (SLV) in the 1997 Chicago Auto Show. SLV combining characters mid-size SUV with the comfort of a luxury sedan and Performance on-road that has not been found in other SUVs. A month later, Lexus announced the production version, named SLV RX300. This model was produced from mid 1998.

Lexus introduced the technology Variable Valve Timing-intelligence (VVT-i) to gain more power in September 1997. Starting from the latest generation GS400/300, LS 400 and SC 400 / 300.

Lexus introduces the LX 470 at Los Angeles International Auto Show in December 1997. Using the new V8 engine, more spacious rooms and a sophisticated suspension height can be arranged. Meanwhile, Lexus sales skyrocketed. Sales in 1997 recorded 20% more than in 1996.

January 1998; RX300 was introduced in the North American International Auto Show. March 1998, LX470 and RX300 started to be marketed in 174 dealers throughout the USA. RX 300 sales immediately shot. December 1998; Lexus best annual sales record in history. Sales reached 156.260 units, up 60% compared to 1997.

Sales skyrocketed

A month later introduced the Lexus IS compact sport sedan at the Detroit Auto Show and will ship mid-2000. For the first sale of the first quarter (January March 1999) Lexus beat out Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lincoln and Cadillac.
Lexus introduced the Lexus Sport Coupe concept at the Tokyo International Motor Show in October 1999. December 1999, its fourth annual Lexus sales record ever made. Sales in 1999 reached 185.890 units or an increase of 19% compared to the previous year. Total sales of Lexus in the USA has more than one million units.

January 2000, Lexus introduced the IS 300 at the Los Angeles Auto Show and LS 430 at North American International Auto Show in Detroit. At the 2002 North American International Auto Show, Lexus introduced a third SUV, GX470. This year, Lexus introduced the RX 330, the second generation RX300.


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